The artist, Zane Maxwell draws gay erotic fine art paintings of sexy men and male nude in pencil and watercolors digitally enhanced. His art embodies its traditions, contemporaries, easternism and westernism all artistically blended. Enjoy his unique and witty homo erotic digital artworks. The blog for each drawing is intriguing to read as well. The site is for 18+ adults only.

$50 for a print (8.5" x 11" premium photo art paper) signed by the artist
Email zanemaxwell@gmail.com to purchase prints
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Contractor New Edition
He is a contractor who built my house. On a sultry summer day, I went to my lot to check out my house. I saw him shirtless in jeans taking a splash from a hose. He walked towards me and stood with his huge pecs and nipples right in my eyes. As much as I wanted to peep into his body, I actually looked away because his body was too shiny with beads of sweat and water streaming on his hot flesh. His virile face, rock hard muscles, soil filled rugged fingers, male ooze, bulging crotch.... he is all man every inch. How would I coax him into my new bed?

Love by the Sea
On a mid summer day on a beach, I saw him in a distance, writing words with a tree stick in the sand. When he saw me, he ran, and so did I after him. The moment I found it, gentle waves erased it away. It said "I love Zane".

The Graduate
In my freshman year at college, I had a senior advisor for my computer engineering class. I expected him to be a pale and skinny geek, but when I met him at his dorm room, my jaws dropped. The brown jacket outlined his broad shoulders, the unbuttoned white shirt revealed his muscular thick hairy chest, and his trousers gave away his bulging crotch. I don't remember what he was explaining about the class syllabus, criteria and all that school craps. All I remember is my desire and his words on my leaving his room. He said, "Call me or come to my room if you need help." Throughout the semester, I did get his help not only for computers but also for my first spring of love. A year later, he graduated with masters degree and left for California to work. I knew he didn't expect much from our connection because I was too young and naive and he was more experienced and leaving the university soon. I can't forget one thing he said before he left though. "I am glad I met you. You are a souvenir for my graduation." What ever he meant, it was exciting for an 18 year old boy. 2 decades later, I still occasionally fantasize about him at my lonely nights. He was an hot man..

gallery 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
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